Like Smoked Ham? Two Tips To Help Make It Even Better

Posted on: 5 January 2017

Smoked ham is a delicious delicacy that is both soothing and belly filling.  Slicing into a good ham and devouring it feels great during the holidays or any time of the year.  You may have a great recipe for making ham in such a way that your family loves.  However, there could be a few things you could add to it to make it even better.  Use this information to learn more about two tips that can elevate your smoked ham from good to incredible.

Apricot Preserves Add An Excellent Touch

Although you may be accustomed to making pineapples the star of the show when you smoke your ham, there is another fruit that can also shine on the stage: apricots.  These warm, citrusy fruits can bring in a delightful touch to your ham that you may have never thought about.

Understand that citrus and ham go hand in hand.  The acidity of the citrus brings out an incredible flavor in the meat that entices the taste buds in a wonderful way.  Although pineapple is certainly the tried and true citrus fruit that many chefs go to, it may be time to take the road less traveled.  Going the apricot route can be the key to having that ham on your table that keeps the eaters talking.

You don't have to worry about finding apricots, peeling them or anything else.  All you'll need to do is go to your local grocery store and purchase a jar of apricot preserves.  When your ham is nearly done smoking, pour the jar of apricot preserves over the meat and let it finish up.  The mixture of savory and sweet is sure to be absolutely divine, and the secret to your success is all yours.

Insert Garlic Cloves

The next thing you want to do is insert garlic cloves into your ham.  Garlic has such an amazing aroma that it will penetrate the meat and take the ham to an entirely different level.

There are few things that can't be helped with a bit of garlic.  Take a knife and poke holes in your ham before smoking it.  Once the holes are in place, take individual garlic cloves and press them down into the meat.  The outcome will be phenomenal.

Getting a delicious smoked ham on your table doesn't have to be difficult if you just know what to do.  The next time you're smoking a ham, use these tips so you can have a dish that gets rave reviews.