What Should You Serve With Prime Rib?

Posted on: 7 July 2021

If you have ordered delivery prime rib, it's normal to have qualms about how much prime rib you can reasonably use alongside unique and delicious side dishes. If you eat prime rib often, you should have a plan of attack for eating meals with unique sides.

These are some sides to enjoy alongside your prime rib main course.


Roasted carrots are a great option for prime rib, especially if you pair the carrots with a nice balsamic dressing. Balsamic and herbs over carrots can provide a tangy-sweet addition to your favorite prime rib recipe.


Of course, mashed potatoes are a classic. Herb and butter mashed potatoes provide you with a creamy side dish. Pair it with garlic and other seasonings that complement your prime rib.

French fries or steak fries are also a great option. If you have cook fries in truffle oil and cover with herbs and cheese, you have a delicious side dish that pairs well with the elegance of a prime rib.

On the other hand, if you want something more formal, you can roast potatoes with bacon and thyme. This will add a crispy texture to your potatoes, giving you a nice final touch for a meal.

Scalloped potatoes can also be the perfect side dish. It's creamy and has a great texture, giving your dinner guests a lot of flavors.


If you are looking for a traditional English side for your prime rib, you can't go wrong with a Yorkshire pudding. It provides something slightly sweet and savory at the same time.

Stuffing is another option, and it works especially well for a Thanksgiving side dish. Add mushrooms to your bread to create a truly delectable side dish for your prime rib dinner.

Other Vegetables

If you are serving prime rib for a Thanksgiving meal, why not play up the theme with some Brussel sprouts roasted with cranberries? This side can also include other ingredients, like garlic and nuts, to add texture. If you aren't a fan of cranberries, try bacon instead.

Mushrooms also accent prime rib well. Cook them in butter and add garlic and herbs to complete the meal.

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