Catering Considerations: How To Decide Which Catering Style Is Best For Your Wedding

Posted on: 25 March 2022

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the food served at the reception. Everyone loves great food and working with a reputable catering service will give you one less thing to worry about. However, you will need to decide how you want your meal served and which catering style works best for you when planning your wedding.

Buffet style  

Buffet style catering is a perfect choice if you have a large number of guests and wish to accommodate a variety of food preferences. A buffet also provides a nice visual appeal in the room, as guests can see all the food available at a glance. The buffet catering style makes it possible to serve a wide variety of dishes, which means everyone is sure to find something to please their palate.

A buffet style is a good match for weddings with a casual style or a simplistic theme, such as country or rustic weddings. It also gives your guests a chance to mingle around the buffet table and go back for seconds if desired. Buffet style also means you will not need to employ as many servers.

Family style

Good for casual or semi-formal weddings, family style catering is sure to make guests feel right at home at your wedding reception. Large platters of food are brought to each individual table and passed around among the guests. Guests can simply take what they want and pass on any foods they may not want.

This style is relaxed and stress-free, as guests are seated and serving themselves once the food is delivered to each table. This style will require a few extra servers to check for refills and collect dishes from the table. You will also need to limit table decorations to allow adequate space for serving vessels.

Formal style

The preferred catering style at formal and many traditional weddings is the formal style of food serving. Some formal styles allow guests to select their own food when they reply to a wedding invitation. This style will require a larger number of servers.

Formal style can be more cost-effective when guests select their own entrees because the caterer will know exactly how much food to prepare. Guests will receive their food around the same time, which will keep the reception schedule flowing smoothly.

There is nothing like great food at the reception to make your wedding day memorable. Enjoying a meal is something your guests will remember long after your wedding day has passed. Choosing a reputable caterer and determining which wedding reception catering style works best for is an important step in your wedding plans.