The How And Why Of Raw Honey

Posted on: 26 October 2022

You've probably seen raw honey advertised and recommended in quite a few different places. These places are always careful to specify that the honey they carry is raw and has not been heated. If you're like many people, you may be wondering what the deal with raw honey is and how you can use such a product. Keep reading, and you'll learn about both of those things.

Why Raw Honey Is Important

Honey is made by bees from the nectar they obtain from flowers. Naturally, that honey contains a lot of natural proteins. Some of these come from the pollen of the flowers. Others are introduced by the bees. If you heat up the honey, which is what many largescale producers do, then you denature a lot of these proteins and they stop having the same effect. If the honey is left raw, then these proteins and other compounds remain intact, and anyone who eats the honey ingests them. These proteins and compounds are what give raw honey its unique benefits.

How to Use Raw Honey

You can eat raw honey, in which case, you'll want to do so without first heating the honey. People also use raw honey as a topical treatment. In this case, you can apply it to a wound and cover the area with a small bandage.

Raw honey is a common treatment for allergies. It introduces small amounts of pollen to your system each time you eat it. Over time, your body gets used to having some of that pollen, and it becomes less reactive to the allergen. If you do use raw honey for this purpose, make sure it is local. This way, it will contain the same pollen you're exposed to daily.

Raw honey is also great for people with autoimmune conditions. It's thought that the pollen and other compounds in the honey basically give your immune system something else to focus on, so it stops attacking your own body's tissues as dramatically.

You can also use raw honey on wounds. It helps keep the skin moist and helps kill any bacteria in the area so your skin does not become infected. You can put raw honey on burns, bug bites, and scrapes.

The next time you see raw honey, you'll have a better idea of what it is and how you can use it. Buy yourself a jar, and give it a try. For more information about raw honey and its benefits, reach out to a local supplier.